In recent years, some of the largest hydrocarbon discoveries have been announced in deepwater offshore areas. The offshore projects are capital intensive and complex in nature. Capital expenditure and operating costs can escalate substantially if the projects are not managed efficiently. An information management system is an essential part of offshore installations which is a combination of a host of software tools and related services. These management systems analyze and report project related information in an efficient manner to improve project performance. Offshore installations are usually located in complex environments where various specialized teams work together in various project phases. Information management systems are installed to analyze and store the information collected from various project phases in an offshore project. These systems are installed to share and store both technical and commercial information. Information management systems are a computerized monitoring tool which is primarily designed to satisfy project requirements and specifications. The market for information management in offshore projects is anticipated to grow at a substantial rate owing to requirement of efficient systems in offshore installations.
The increasing investment in offshore hydrocarbon projects and requirement of cost effective systems in offshore facilities are the major drivers attracting investment in information management market. To support the increasing investment on offshore installations, the project developers should have access to information management services. Information management systems assist the offshore project developers to anticipate and avert project related risks. The information management systems can track the energy consumption and mechanical commissioning in an offshore project. As a result of this the capital costs and operational costs related to the project can be organized in an effective manner. The productivity of the end user industry also increases after installing these technological systems. However, lack of the additional capital costs incurred in this capital intensive technology is a major factor impacting the growth of the information management systems in the offshore market. The lack of skilled professionals is also another major factor which affects further growth of the market.
The market for information management for offshore projects can be segmented on the basis of services offered in this market. The information management service providers offer various services to the offshore industry. The market can be broadly segmented into four categories as project information system, contract management system, HSE and completion management system. The market can be further sub-divided into various other services such as quality management and project dashboards offerings.
Some of the major players which provide information management for offshore projects are Omega AS, Aveva Solutions Ltd and Audubon Companies.