Sulfated Castor oil, also known as sulfonated castor oil or Turkey red oil, is one of the derivatives of castor oil which is being extracted from the non-edible seeds of the castor plant. This plant is commercially cultivated for its seed oil which finds multiple applications in chemical industry and other industrial sectors. Castor plant is a native from the tropical belt of both India and Africa. India is among the leading exporters of Caster seeds globally. Castor seed contains around 48 to 50 percent of oil by weight. The sulfated castor oil is being processed out traditionally from the castor oil by adding concentrated sulfuric acid at a monitored rate over a period of several hours with regular cooling and agitation at a controlled temperature. Later the solution mass is being washed and neutralized by using an alkali solution or an amine.

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The global sulfated castor oil market is at a dynamic evolution stage owing to the shift industries from petrochemical resources. The rising shift of consumers towards bio-based chemicals which is attributed to the fluctuating prices of petrochemicals and rising demand of sustainable and bio-degradable plant-based chemical products is driving the growth of global sulfated castor oil market. Furthermore, rising regulatory restrictions due to the overuse of conventional sources and petrochemicals coupled with increased level of industrial hazards related with these conventional sources are shifting the consumer preferences towards plant-based chemicals. This is also driving the sulfated castor oil market by creating new opportunities in the global market. However, the unnaturalized cultivation of castor crop globally and existing gap between global demand and supply owing to the rising application of plant-based chemicals along with the availability of other plant-based biodegradable chemicals restricts the growth of sulfated castor oil market.

Variety of sulfated castor oil products with multiple formulations and diversified uses have been introduced by the manufacturers and some of the global market players manufacturing sulfated castor oil products in the market include; Vertellus Holding LLC, Paramount Dye Chem industries, Royal Castor Products Limited, Shiv Shakti Trading India Corporation and Kevya chem are among other players.