Surface Mount Technology Equipment to gain Substantial traction in Manufacturing of Automated Medical Devices

Surface mount technology equipment has been popularly used in commercially produced electronics hardware over the past couple of decades. The use of equipment gathered steam in electronics manufacturing, owing to their greater operational and performance benefits. The market is also gathering traction from its rising use in other end-use applications area such as in the automotive, aerospace and defense, healthcare sectors. The rising uptake of flexible electronics in these end-use industries has considerably fueled the demand for surface mount technology equipment. The equipment enables easy placing of a wide range of electronics components onto a printed circuit board. One of the key propositions bolstering the demand for surface mount technology equipment is its adaptability to fit with a variety of pick and place robotics technologies.

The surface mount technology equipment market is witnessing exciting avenues from the growing demand for flexible electronics for wearable electronics, which are used for several end-use industries. A study by taking a closer at the expanding potential of the market in various regions, foresees the vast prospects, driven by rising use of devices with flex circuits in numerous industries.

Rising use of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards in Electronics in several End-use Industries to bolster Uptake

Rapid advances in smart card manufacturing technologies in underpinning innovation in the market. Surface mount technology equipment is increasingly being demanded in the medical and defense industries. The need for low cost and flexible printed circuit board files by electronics manufacturers is bolstering the adoption of surface mount technology equipment. The market is receiving robust impetus from the demand for intelligent industrial technologies and smart electronic devices, world over.

An enormous potential of surface mount technology market is witnessed in the healthcare industries in various developing and developed regions of the world. This is attributed primarily to the rising demand for smart electronics and automated medical devices and equipment. Less operating cost and operational conveniences further stoke the popularity of this equipment in the healthcare industries.

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Focus to launch Low-cost Products may disrupt Competitive Landscape

Focus of new regional manufacturers of surface mount technology equipment to launch low-cost products than their competitors may lead to pricing war in the market. The proliferation of inexpensive equipment has raised the ante for incumbent players who have been launching high-cost equipment. The rapid pace of industrialization in several developing countries, such as in Asia Pacific, is a key factor expected to catalyze the uptake of this equipment. The rising use of equipment in medical toolkit for surface-mount microdialysis is also opening new avenues in the market.

In recent decades, considerable technology advances have been made in consumer electronics with the help of printed circuit boards made by surface mount technology equipment. This is especially observed in the making of healthcare instruments.

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