Those working in the power industry in the U.K. feel Brexit, Britain’s decision to move away from the European Union, could have a negative impact on the sector. A survey by Power Engineering International called “What does the electric power sector think about Brexit?” revealed that almost 61 percent of employees in the sector are will not be positively impacted by Brexit.

British Public Not Keen on Second Referendum

The survey further showed that in spite of downbeat mood about the seminal move, the British public are not keen on another referendum to reverse the proceedings. This is surprising for around 77 percent people claim that they had been provided with patchy information on Brexit’s effect on businesses prior to the June 2016 vote.

Meanwhile, 36 percent of respondents felt Brexit would be helpful and another 3 percent were unsure.

The survey showed that the feeling across power industries ranging from nuclear, fossil, and renewables to grid and decentralized energy interests was quite opposite from the verdict they gave in 2016. The nuclear power sector was particularly troubled about the post-EU prospects.

The government’s decision to leave European Atomic Energy Agency (Euratom) has gotten the sector nervous about the influence and implications of the nuclear research in the nation.

Those engaged in transmission and distribution of power expressed worries on re-negotiation of interconnector agreements, since they felt that there was no absolute guarantee that the terms would be favorable.