Is Apple losing its share in Chinese market?

New low-price and similarly configured devices have decreased the share of the market for Apple Inc.’s iPhones in one of the world’s biggest Chinese smartphone market. On 2019, January 02, Wednesday after almost two decades, after the company cut its quarterly revenue forecasts, it produced a report on declining sales of iPhone in China. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., addressed the fall in share market in a letter

Apple Inc. to become First Publically Listed US-based Company

Apple Inc. is now the first company with US$1 trillion and publically listed US-based Company on Thursday. High demand for iPhone over the decade has fuelled the growth of the company from a small player of personal computers to a global player and powerhouse players for entertainment and communications. Stocks of the company jumped by 2.8% to as high as US$207.05 and rise from 9% from Tuesday when it reported