Cold Temperatures Can Sap Efficiencies of Electric Car Batteries

It’s no secret that cold weather can reduce the effectiveness of a battery, regardless of the application. A new study by the American Automobile Association (AAA) confirms that electric cars are no exception. Moreover, nothing is worse when owners crank up the heat to keep themselves warm. Each vehicle is on a dynamometer test in a climate-controlled environment. During each battery-draining run, they altered the temperature in the room surrounding

Scientists find New Version of Apps that Ensure Efficient Battery Use

Researchers including those of Indian origin from Purdue University in the US have developed an artificial intelligent (AI) application to help manufacturers design smartphone apps that consume less battery. The (AI) tool known as DiffProf enables developers to automatically identify an app feature(s) that can be a helpful guide for reducing the energy consumption of the app in smartphones. One of the researchers from Purdue University stated that, in the