Tailor-made Drugs for High Cholesterol A Possibility?


About 40% population has high cholesterol, and records cite that 30% of this population consumes statins for treatment. While the drug has positive outcomes among a large proportion of the patient population, it does have significant side effects. For instance, muscle problems or even diabetes. Now, that is a serious trouble.

While side effects are a problem to worry, the human body’s resistance to statins is another growing concern among doctors. As the patient population continues to rise, pharmaceutical companies must find a way to develop statins with low side effects and those that are able to overcome resistance.

The Answer Lies in the Genetic Code

While demystifying the reasons behind the side effects and the resistance remains a mystery thus far, scientists feel that the answer to it lies in the genetic code. The simple fundamental that every human body has its own unique way of reacting to drugs becomes the basis. To study this, the researchers from Victoria University of Wellington attempted to decode the genetic synergestic interactions in yeast.

Yeast is a complex organism but not as complex as humans. However, studying the genetic reactions could help scientists understand the processes that cause the side effects or the resistance in the human body.

Scientists say that this is a unique approach as no pharmaceutical company has attempted it so far. Understanding the genetic make-up and the unique reactions of the same gene in different individuals are strenuous. Not just for statins, scientists say that the research could help develop better formulations for other treatments in the future.


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