Team of Scientists to Discover Critical Cancer Immunity Genes Using an Innovative Technique

Team of Scientists to Discover Critical Cancer Immunity Genes Using an Innovative Technique

A group of scientists from the Mount Sinai have recently made a development regarding a novel technology, which is used for simultaneously studying the several functions of the hundreds of genes that has a resolution reaching the single level of cell. This technology completely depends on a barcoding approach and making use of a novel protein that has been described in a research paper, which has been recently published in the journal Cell.

In the early 2000s, when the sequencing was done of the first human genome, the scientists have stated that, the study has revealed that a set of more than 20,000 of the protein-coding genes has not been able to characterize the several functions of a single gene. They further add that, without this information regarding how the human genome works and how they can further make use of this data so as to forecast, treat, prevent, and also cure the diseases is a bit difficult.

Furthermore, in the year 2012 and 2013, the team of scientists have established a new tactic for editing the genes, which is called as CRISPR, which can also be used for the determination of the function of the genes. Recently, CRISPR has completely impressed the scientific world; however, the researchers are quite still facing challenges with the use of CRISPR for the study of the several thousands of genes and their potential roles.

In addition to this, a new technology has also been developed by a team of scientists at the Ichan School of Medicine at the Mount Sinai that is expected to help in addressing the challenges that are being faced by the scientists concerning genomics for analyzing and studying the genome at an unprecedented scale.

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