Electric carmaker Tesla, which accomplished big time success with its massive lithium-ion battery in South Australia, has now come up with another mega project targeted at the region.

It was just about a month back when 100 MW Hornsdale Power Reserve, which is the biggest grid-scale battery storage system in the world, started operating. And now, Jay Weatherill, who is the premier of South Australia, has entered into a contract with Tesla to build a virtual solar PV plant equipped with battery storage. The plant is expected to span 50,000 rooftops.

Number of Properties to be Served by it to Rise Gradually

Plans are on to first install 5-kW PV systems with 13.5 kWh Powerwall batteries numbering to 1100 in public houses. If it goes as per plan, another 24,000 properties under the Housing SA trust will become a part of the scheme post mid-2019.

Gradually, the project will be thrown open to the public and will likely include 50,000 properties by 2022. For those keen on partaking in the project, the process of registration of interest has already begun.

The state government announced that it would release a tender for a retailer to carry out the scheme very soon.

Around AUD2 million grant and AUD30 million worth of loan from South Australia’s Renewable Technology Fund will be provided to the project which is expected to cost around AUD800 million. The remaining will be funded through sale of electricity. The best part of the project is that participants will get batteries and PV panels for free. The government projects that it would save them about 30 percent of the current energy bills.