Physicists at Yale have discovered time crystals, which is a form of matter that takes when it is exposed to the pulses of electromagnetic waves. The discovery has led to several questions which need to be answered such as How are time crystals formed in the first place? Time crystals atoms spin periodically in One Direction and then in another due to a pulsating force which flips them and this is the ticking. Even if the pulse flips are not perfect, the ticking of the time crystal is locked at a particular frequency. Scientists stated that the understanding of time crystals can actually help in the improvisation in atomic clocks, magnetometers, and gyroscopes. It will also help in building potential quantum technologies in the future.

The US Department of Defence has recently made an announcement that it will fund a program so that more research can take place on-time Crystal systems. The researchers tried searching DTC signature. Monoammonium phosphate crystals are considered easy to grow and they are included in crystal growing kits for youngsters and it is therefore extremely unusual to find a Time Crystal signature inside a monoammonium phosphate crystal. The researchers have made use of nuclear magnetic resonance to look for a DTC signature and found that need to see can be found by looking in a children’s crystal growing kit. The scientists also found that DTC signature doesn’t prove that the system had a quantum memory