Tiny Chip Discovered to Detect Oxygen Levels of Internal Tissue

Tiny Chip Discovered to Detect Oxygen Levels of Internal Tissue

Science is making progress in every field including healthcare, construction, and food and beverages. A result of these progress is an innovation where scientists have developed a chip to sense oxygen levels in skin tissue. A group of international scientists have discovered an implantable small device. This helps measure and monitor the levels of O2 in internal tissues of a living being.

There is immense importance of measuring oxygen levels in the skin in several clinical applications. This is mainly due to the application in various pathological and physiological procedures. However, there are some preexisting ways to measure the oxygen levels in the body tissues. But, since these devices required tethering and had very restricted placement alternatives, the need for an advanced device arose. The new device gives a new way to monitor oxygen-related procedure.

Size and Weight of the Device Plays anĀ Important Part

The new device does not require a tether and is significantly small in size, 1 square cm to be precise, and is extremely light-weight – 80 mg. This device can be placed almost anywhere inside the body. It has a thread like probe which has two micro diodes attached andĀ is opto-electronically sensitive. This probe, connected with a small circuit board and a diode can emit green and red lights. The emission depends on conditions and levels of oxygen detected.

The chip has a micro-detector, reading, and transmitting light intensity passing through internal tissue. IR radiation helps power the gadget and send the information. The data is sent to a receiver, connected to a computer for further analysis. The device also has other small electronic components including an antenna. The key function of device is to convert IR into energy source as well as transmit information from device to an external receiving source.

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