A deal has been closed by Trilliant, the most widely used AMI solutions in the U.K. so as to provide smart meters for Green Energy clients in the U.K. Trilliant will provide smart meters as a managed service for both new and existing Green Energy clients in the country. Green Energy in itself is an independent sustainable energy company that sells green and renewable electricity and gas. They sell 100% certified green gas and electricity to homes, businesses, and organizations across the United Kingdom.

The contracts manager from Green Energy UK, said that smart metering landscape is very complex and challenging. Chris Greer also said that as an eco-based supplier who is dedicated towards engaging to the environmentally conscious clients, he is aware of the complexity of the smart metering landscape. He also added that the company is looking forward to work with Trilliant’s SMSO platform. This will help them in implementing Time of Use tariffs, which encourages smarter and greener consumption from customers, said Chris Greer.

The SMSO platform from Trilliant is hosted by Stark and includes data analytics, data assurance, and asset financing. All these services are provided by Stark Utility Funding and elective half-hourly settlement. This is anticipated to provide a flexible, innovative, and efficient electricity market. When there is a more renewable energy supplied to the grid, the providers will access the Trilliant SMSO via a cloud-based system and then plan to utilize Time of Use tariffs to encourage consumption from customers.