U.S. Cloud Giants benefiting from Europe’s Cloud Market

U.S. Cloud Giants benefiting from Europe's Cloud Market

According to a projection by research firm, for the next three years, the Europe cloud market could rise by sizeable share annually. The revenues are rising with more promising pace in Europe than other regions such as the U.S., which has giant cloud solutions providers. According to experts, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for adoption in Europe has also expanded apace.

Technology Adaptation is not a European Thing

Saving data locally into server or hard drive creates space issues and data loss threat. So, cloud computing benefits consumers and businesses in accessing and storing data, software, and apps over the internet. There is a common conjecture about cloud computing that U.S. organizations are 18-24 months ahead of the European. This may be because European organizations are allergic to technology hype to certain extent. They encourage the technology only when they actually see any noticeable benefit of its real-world applications.

In addition, after calculating every advantages and disadvantages of moving operations from off-premises, they are getting into the market in pace.

European cloud players Absence

Not having enough European providers is the reason why U.S. firms are tapping into the emerging avenue. The U.S. cloud players such as Amazon and Microsoft are filling the void with expansion plans across Europe. Chinese firms such as the tech titan Alibaba is also competing in the European market with its new data centers in the U.K.

GDPR expanded apace

The GDPR went into effect across the EU in May 2018, which could restrict companies from moving data online. However, companies are adopting cloud to comply with these regulations. There are companies who are hesitant to store their data with one company. Nonetheless, this has profited big providers as well as smaller firms of the U.S.

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