Uber to Invest $200 Mn for Improvement of AI for Self-Driving Cars

Uber to Invest $200 Mn for Improvement of AI for Self-Driving Cars

Dara Khosrowshahi, a chief executive officer (CEO) of the Uber, announced that plan for investment of Canadian $200 mn in order to expand their engineering hub in the city. The ride-hailing company which is based in the San Francisco is trying to improve their services and the branch of Toronto will continue to take efforts for expansion of their business.

The company is trying to rebuild its brand name after dealing with numerous controversies and complaints about their poor work cultures and services. The company has faced criticism due to its poor work culture for drivers.

A new app was launched which offers the same features in Toronto. The Uber’s pool service was originally launched in 2016 which offers services in much cheaper rates. Uber has invested in the electric scooter company through a partnership with transit payment services.

Some of the Toronto engineering techniques will be added to the company’s autonomous research on the vehicle. The company is planning to improve their services of Express Pool and other. Uber is trying to shift perceptions away from the tech companies from Silicon Valley which built the greyball program. Also to improve the image of sexual harassment and a male-dominated workforce.

In 2017, the tenure of CEO – Khosrowshahi – was started after Co-founder Travis Kalanick. After that the company faced criticism, and to improve its image, the company announced a new logo with 75% lower case. The earlier this year, this information reported that the company will invest $500 mn. Additionally, the company is trying to improve its image through impressive advertising campaigns.

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