UK Startup gears up to Deploy Robotic Rover on Moon


The modern space age is increasingly becoming democratic in nature. The space that the public and state agencies were dominating is now seeing private aerospace companies enter the fray. In addition, entrepreneurs and innovators are striving to increase public access for space exploration programs.

This is exactly what a UK startup and its founder are striving to accomplish via their decentralised aerospace company. The first move in this direction will be to deploy a four-legged robotic explorer – Walking Rover on the lunar surface.  The positioning of the rover will represent several firsts for space expedition. This includes UK’s first commercial lunar mission.

The mission of launch of robotic rover was announced at the recent New Scientist Live Festival at London’s Excel Centre. The founder of the startup explained that Walking Rover will meet NASA’s technical standards and specifications. The robotic rover will also feature several offbeat features.

With superior Features, Robotic Rover to capture several lunar dimensions

Coming to its features, the robotic rover will be first for lunar exploration to rely on four legs, and not wheels to get around. This feature will allow the rover to examine lunar lava tubes, which has not been previously possible. Featuring a sensor and two cameras, the robotic rover will be able to capture exploration data as well as measurements on lunar lava tubes. The sensor and cameras will also allow measurement of other features on lunar’s surface.

Further, the robotic rover calls for a lightweight vehicle keeping with its design specification.  A combination of solar power and battery power powers  vehicle which weighs between 1 and 1.3 kgs. The robotic rover will be robust to withstand extreme temperature variations that occur on the lunar surface.

Consequent upon completion, the UK will be the world’s fourth nation to position a rover on the lunar surface, after China, Russia, and the US.

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