Urodynamics Equipment and Disposables Market: Growing Prevalence of Lower and Upper Urinary Tracts Infections to Bolster Uptake

Urodynamics investigation is an interactive diagnostic assessment of the lower urinary tract to provide pathophysiological explanations for the symptoms or dysfunction of the upper and lower urinary tracts. Urodynamics tests range from simple medical observation to precise medical measurements using advanced urodynamics equipment and vary depending on the health conditions of respective patients. Additionally, urodynamics study helps a healthcare provider to diagnose the cause and identify the nature of lower urinary tract disorder. A survey conducted among non-pregnant women in the U.S. revealed that the risk and corresponding prevalence of urinary incontinence grows with age.

Urinary incontinence prevalent in 3.5% women aged between 20 years and 29 years, 15% women aged between 40 and 49, 25% women aged between 60 and 69, and 38% women aged 80 years and above. Moreover, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, currently, around 20 million women and 6 million men are suffering from urinary incontinence in the U.S. Thus, such large patient pool suffering from urological dysfunction would require an effective diagnostic solution for receiving an efficient treatment regimen; that would alternatively drive the Urodynamics Equipment And Disposables Market in the near future.

Within the equipment segment that includes uroflowmetry equipment, cystometer, ambulatory urodynamics systems, electromyographs and video urodynamics systems; uroflowmetry equipment appeared as the market leader in terms of revenue in 2013. The contributing factors behind such healthy growth of the uroflowmetry equipment market are accurate test outcomes, easy availability and higher patient preference. However, the ambulatory urodynamics systems market is expected to exhibit rapid growth in demand due to their lightweight design, advance microprocessor technology that helps these devices in delivering accurate results and easy affordability. The trend is likely to continue due to the increasing urological disease prone geriatric population across the world.

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Within the disposables segment, air-charged catheters accounted for the largest market share of over 35% of the total urodynamics disposables market. Moreover, due to the advantages of air-charged catheters such as absence of air-bubble obstruction, presence of highly sensitive microtip transducers and ease of handling, air-charged catheters are expected to lead the overall urodynamics disposables segment.

North America was the largest market for urodynamics equipment and disposables in terms of revenue in 2013, followed by Europe. North America dominated the market mainly due to the presence of large number of urodynamics testing centers, high preference for advanced products among physicians, coupled with growing incidence of urological dysfunctions in the general population. Moreover, continuous product development strategies and tailor-made equipment procurement policies have driven the practice of urodynamics studies in the U.S., thereby making North America the market leader for urodynamics equipment and disposables. On the other hand, in terms of growth rate, Asia Pacific is expected to witness the highest growth due to multiple business environment factors such as rapid economic development in China, Singapore, India and others, growing geriatric population coupled with alarmingly rising incidence of urological dysfunctions; that would contribute to the growth of urodynamics equipment and disposables market in the region.

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