The energy market in the United States is in transformation phase with the focus shifting to renewable resources from fossil fuel. The automotive industry has been the biggest influencer of this shift, and Tesla seems to be leading the way with electric cars and modular battery storage systems. Now, Mercedes-Benz Energy has announced its association with Vivint Solar in order to provide energy storage batteries in the U.S., with the state of California rolling-out the first stock by this spring.

Batteries a Dependable Back-up when Grid goes Down

Mercedes-Benz Energy had started an identical program in Germany last year, providing their automotive-grade batteries that can withstand several cycles of charging and discharging. In Germany as well, Mercedes had collaborated with regional utilities and solar companies to reach their targeted audiences, and now they have joined with Vivint Solar to achieve similar goals in the U.S.

Customers of Vivint Solar can now opt for various solar cell options on their roof and will have the option of adding eight 2.5kWh Mercedes batteries, which can help in customizing their energy storage, depending on consumption. These batteries can not only work as dependable backup in case of power failure from the grid, they also maximize solar energy captured during the day.

Alternative to Tesla’s Powerwall and Solar Cells

So far, Tesla were the only ones providing powerwall storage batteries for cars from solar cells in the U.S. but Mercedes-Vivint collaboration will provide an option for customers in what appears to be a future of electric vehicles.

Vivint Solar was founded in 2011, and is currently operational in 16 states including California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Maryland. The promise 10 to 30 % savings on power bill with their solar plans.