The Xiaomi Mi 6 flagship model has launched its first look at an event in Beijing, China. The Xiaomi fans have gone berserk over a set of five most exhilarating features offered by the smartphone. As excited the techies are about the launch, the probable strategic move of lifting the curtains on the smartphone ahead of the introduction of OnePlus 5 is a cherry on the cake. Rumors have the say that Xiaomi Mi 6 has taken a significant inspiration from iPhone 7. However, it seems as Mi 6 has given a tough competition to the most coveted smartphone.

Let’s skim through the top five features of Xiaomi Mi 6.

Qualcomm Sense ID Fingerprint Scanning

This feature is expected to pose a heavy competition against iPhone 7 as it allows the unique facility of scanning even a wet or oily finger, unlikely to be offered by most top-of-the-line smartphones. The scanner is secretly concealed under the home button and covered by glass.

Four-sided 3D Curved Glass

It is an upgrade from Mi 5’s two-sided curved glass. A stainless steel-made frame is installed to hold the display and sides of the phone together. The four-sided design could be a groundbreaking addition to the premium appeal of the phone.

Splash Resistance

Although it may not have the best splash resistance up its sleeves, Xiaomi claims to have securely sealed all the critical openings of Mi 6 to protect from water spills and occasional rain bursts.

Standard Sensor + Telephoto Lens

The dual rear camera is proposed to be another banter from Xiaomi to iPhone with features such as 2X lossless zoom and regular 12MP sensor. Users can also take immersive shots with bokeh effects to add to the excitement.

Snapdragon 835 with 6GB RAM

Mi 6 has featured one of the best CPUs in the industry which also powers cutting-edge smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. However, it is still disputable whether the phone will be able to function using all of its 6GB RAM.